TransPedia Research Talk Series

TransPedia Research Talk Series is an unprcedented and distinctive endeavor from NATPAC, envisioned to promote research for shared benefits, by disseminating knowledge on diverse topics from cutting - edge technologies to sustainbale solutions. Desirably, this also brings out a platform for young researchers across the globe to connect and interact to better shape the future of research and development in transportation. 


1. TransPedia Research Talk Series #1 dated 24.08.2023  

2. TransPedia Research Talk Series #2 dated 27.09.2023  

3. TransPedia Research Talk Series #3 dated 25.10.2023

4. TransPedia Research Talk Series #4 dated 29.11.2023

5. TransPedia Research Talk Series #5 dated 27.12.2023

6.TransPedia Research Talk Series #6 dated 24.01.2024



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